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Signal problem on certain channels

Tuning in

I have persistent issues with a small number of channels that either glitch/pixelate badly or drop out completely. When the channels drop out, an error message asks me to reboot the box or investigate the error code W02. Rebooting the box (i.e. with the switch on the back of the box) never achieves anything. However, a few times I disconnected the coax cable and reconnected a short while later, which relieved the problem temporarily, leading me to think the issue was with the cable. I replaced the coax cable, which improved things for a few weeks, but then the drop outs started happening again. 

I have found another thread on this site that seems to be about the same issue:

One reply on that thread gives a list of affected channels that is basically the same as the ones I have trouble with, and says they are part of the same 'broadcast mux'. The list is: "Talking Pictures, 5-Select, 5-USA+1, C5+1, 5-Star, 5-USA, CBS Drama, 5-Star+1, CBS Justice, E4-SD, E4+1 and a couple of other minor ones." All of these are SD, so generally not a big deal, but I watch Talking Pictures TV (Channel 445) quite a bit, and it has no HD variant.

A subsequent response on that thread from a VM staff member says "I've run some tests on our end and have detected a signal fault with the box that requires a tech visit to fix", though they don't say what was tested or what the nature of the fix would be.

Can anyone from VM give me any further information about this kind of problem? Is it likely to be the box or the cable that is the problem, or both?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Can you clarify what you mean by "I replaced the co-ax cable"? The co-ax cable forms part of VM's network and should only be replaced or modified by VM themselves, otherwise you run the risk of inducing noise into the network - possibly affecting your service and that of your neighbours. If you mean you replaced the HDMI lead from your V6 to your TV, that's fine. W02 is a classic loss-of-signal error, so the standard advice to all "my picture is pixellation" applies here.

Pixellated pictures on live TV are often the sign of a signal fault. If you've rebooted your box once, then there's likely a fault somewhere, so this will need VM to intervene. You're likely to need either an engineer visit or a replacement box, depending on what VM's remote diagnostics turn up.

First check the automated faults line for any existing issues in your area that could be the cause: 0800 5610061. If nothing's reported, assume VM don't know about your fault and ideally you'll need to call them.

150 from a VM phone, 0345 4541111 from any other phone - choose the options for "I have a fault with my TV service". Alternatively you can wait on here for staff to respond, which may take a day or so.

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For some reason, we had a spare coax cable lying around, so I ran it from the wall socket to the V6 box in place of the existing coax. It improved matters for a while, but now the glitching has returned. 

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Very Insightful Person

Was that spare coax something that VM had left behind from previous work, or third party sourced?

If the latter, there's a very strong chance this is, at least in part, the cause of your problems.

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Hi RDW, welcome to the community!

Thank you for posting.

Sorry to hear of this Pixelation issue on your TV service. There are several things that can cause this:

-An issue with the signal coming into your home from the exchange

-An issue with the signal reaching the box from the wiring within your home

-An issue with the broadcast from the specific channel or service host.

-An issue with the Box itself. (This is unlikely, as the issue is only happening on specific channels). 

We will need to send you a PM to confirm a few account details so we can run further diagnostics and testing on your equipment, investigate the signals at the exchange, and book a technician if needed. 

I will send you a PM now to confirm the details we need to get you some help. You will find this in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 

We can then return to the public thread with an update as soon as possible! All the best. 




It always annoys me when people use these forums to complain about problems but never come back to report what the solution turned out to be. So ...

An engineer came to look at my box and found that the signal was very weak throughout the house, probably because the router/hub is not in the same room as either of the cable boxes. He replaced the box on the outside wall with a newer one and replaced the wall socket next to the main TV with one that boosts the signal to the V6 box. He also noticed that the coax cable was connected to the V6 box with a type of connector that VM no longer use, because it is known to cause glitching. So my sense that the problem was at least in part something to do with the cable may have been right. 

The affected channels are now working (so far).

The conclusion seems to be that if you are getting regular W02 signal errors, you probably need your kit upgraded. We hadn't called an engineer out for years, so most of our kit was pretty ancient.

Thanks for coming back to us with your update @RDW1977, I'm glad that the engineer has been able to get your issues resolved.

Please let us know if you have any further issues.