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Series Link icon and recording hit and miss, since around 29/04/23

Hi all,
Looking for some assistance if possible please. Not getting anywhere with tech support on the phone, but admittedly this is a weird one.
I 'was' recording a particular program on the Really channel 128.
Going to watch a few episodes in My Shows, I discovered that there were no recordings. 😞
Going to the guide, I discovered that I had lost all the Series Link icons that show you what you have selected.
So on the phone I went last week to Virgin, and spoke to a gentleman in South Africa.
Whilst on the phone with him, I tried recording a program on the same channel using Series Link. That did create and indicate a SL.
I cancelled the SL on my particular program, as if you press R again, it asks if you want to amend the SL, so it knows that there is a SL on that program, just that it is not showing it, nor is it recording it.
Created the SL again. The box goes through the motions, but again no indicator.
This call was being passed up to the next team, but never heard from them.
So tonight I put in a call again and explained the issue all over again to a young lady.
Whilst doing that I went into My Shows and looked for a progam that I had a SL on and had recent recordings for. Found one that was on channel 147, so I went to that in the Guide and it did not show any SL?
I pressed record button and was asked if I wanted to change the SL. I cancelede the SL and added it again with the record button. Again no indictator, which I have found to my cost means it will not record.
Looking through my shows, I found another SL that appears to have stopped since 29/04/23.
I was originally recording the program on channel 128 which started this quest.
Tech support have run diagnostics on the box twice and nothing reported, but something screwy is going on with this.
It now appears to be random whether I get the R icons and a correct SL, or not?
So!, does anyone have any ideas please.?
I feel I have carried out a fair bit of debugging for VM, but they do not appear to have any answers to this issue.
They say as the box does not show any faults, it cannot be replaced?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@WelshGasman wrote:

Would be really helpful to have post numbers in the threads? 😞

Indeed it would be - something the old forum layout had, and has been lost in the recent update.

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