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Screen going black

What is it with virgin and issues with the v6 box luckily my contracts up in February so I wont be hanging around but will keep the broadband 👎issues I have screen goes blank for a out 5 seconds every hour or so I have a samsung tv also I get breakup of sound every so often if I fast forward or rewind resolves the issue till next time it happens and finally amazon app works fine downstairs used to work fine in the bedroom but wont play anything in bedroom when u click on something circle comes up goes blank then message try later or visit etc I have good broadband around the house .. when paying £100 a month I think I need to look hard at other providers soon 👎

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Re: Screen going black

Hi there seems to be a lot of posts on here regarding the compatibility with the V6 and Samsung Tv's, a lot of them seem to suggest a handshake issue, try a search on here for that subject to see if it helps you.Regards Micky
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