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Samsung TV Type no LE26A457. Model LE26A457C1D. Cant set up Tivo V6 box with it

Hi Just got my new Hub and Tivo V6 box.  Got the router working fine but cant get the V6 box to work. My Samsung TV is about 10 years old and worked with the old Tivo box with a SCART cable. However there is a HDMI input on my TV (HDMI IN3) so I have attached the HDMI cable there.  HDMI IN3 is the only option that comes up on the telly so I am not getting an option to chose it, as it is the only one and no "starting up" screen appears so I cant proceed any further.  I have tried pressing the source button but only HDMI IN3 comes up.   Can anyone provide any help please? 


Thanks in advance

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Re: Samsung TV Type no LE26A457. Model LE26A457C1D. Cant set up Tivo V6 box with it

Hi did you ring the activation number 0800 9539500 have your account number area code and serial number of your box to hand. Regards Micky
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Re: Samsung TV Type no LE26A457. Model LE26A457C1D. Cant set up Tivo V6 box with it

Hi Mazzers123,

Have you got a different TV you can connect the V6 to make sure it's working?

I found the Samsung TV manual online. There are two further HDMI ports on the back of the TV.  If I were you I would try the HDMI 2 slot.

HDMI IN 1, HDMI IN 2, HDMI IN 3 Supports connections between HDMI-connection-enabled AV devices (Set-Top Boxes, DVD players)
No additional Audio connection is needed for an HDMI to HDMI connection. When using an HDMI/DVI cable connection, you must use the HDMI IN 2 jack.
The HDMI/DVI terminal supports DVI connection to an extended device with the appropriate cable (not supplied). The difference between HDMI and DVI is that the HDMI device is smaller in size, has the HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) coding feature installed, and supports multi - channel digital audio.

The manual states when you connect an external device to your TV, make sure the device is turned off.   It may be that the source button on the TV won't pick up any HDMI ports unless a cable is already connected to that port.


It may also be that the V6 has been refurbished and is set up to a display that your TV isn't capable off.

You can force the V6 to reset and it will display in the basic  576p resolution. This should allow you to go into the V6 settings and change the video output again. Using your remote control press Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, 4, 8, 0, Clear

You should now be able to see the screen again, so using your remote

Press Home  > Help & Settings >  Settings > Video Output > Video Output Format

Either go to Auto detect to run a test of your TV’s display options. It will then ask you to confirm the new display selection  or choose  Test Formats to run a quick test on the Virgin TV V6 box and follow the on screen guides


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