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Request an engineer visit query??

Waited over a week for a replacement v6 box due to no hdmi signal issue.
Received an old Tivo box as replacement but no remote so couldn't use it.
Waited another 2 days for a V6 box. After 2 days of use same HDMI issue.
Rang them on friday was told cannot get an engineer visit until next saturday the 27th.
Found out today i have to work on that day so will nedd to cancel the engineer.

Just wondering why it takes a week for an engineer appointment?

Does anyone know a quicker way of getting an engineer visit ?

Or even a way to be given a 1 hr time slot, i could go to work then use my break to come home for engineer.
Any help is most appreciated,

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Re: Request an engineer visit query??

If you have the same issue with two boxes then the fault must be with your HDMI lead or TV, can you test with a portable tv?