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Replacement v6 Box Initialisation

Firstly, I replaced my v6 box this morning. I spent about an hour trying to re-pair my old remote. There are no instructions to do this, I am very tech savvy and had to search and search how to do this. In the end I had to change batteries in order to accomplish this as low batteries stop the pairing process even though the remote appears to be working. You really need to send out instructions with the replacement box if you are not sending ready-paired remotes out.

Secondly, it seems the box needs to be initiated. I have gone through the setup process and am stuck at ERROR S102. Looking online it seems to need a kick from your end.

My first attempt was using your SMS support system. 2 hours after texting you I was asked for password etc and sent a link to click and fill my password. The link did not work. The sms conversation went dead, this is still currently open in my eyes even though I have not heard back from you for 4 hours.

My second attempt was calling 0345 number from my mobile. On hold for 45 minutes and the call is dropped.

My third attempt was calling 150 number from my landline. On hold for 1 hour and the call is answered it seems and immediately ended at your end.

My fourth attempt was to call back on 150 only to be told it is now too late and to call back in the morning even though there are still 40 minutes until your lines close.

My fifth attempt is via the website chat service. I currently have the chat popup open in my browser as I type this. There is noone replying and it seems i could have to wait until the morning for an answer? 

Utter shambles. All I want is to watch tv on my replacement box. There are no instructions saying I have to contact you to activate it. There are no instructions saying I need to repair my remote.

Please activate my new box.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Replacement v6 Box Initialisation

Hi Gazza9,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community, I am sorry to hear you were having issues getting your new V6 box set up.


As it has now been a few days since you last last I just wanted to check how things are now, did you manage to get the box set up, is it now up and running?


Has the box swat sorted out your original issue?



kind regards



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