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Remote problems resolved

My remote has been working fine using it's radio signal but after setting it up to adjust the volume of my LG TV it switched to IR and was slow and unresponsive. I tried all the settings  including unpairing with the tv but only got red lights on the remote. Also tried rebooting the V6 but no luck. As a last resort and before ringing Virgin I took the batteries out of the remote, left them out overnight and put fresh batteries in this morning. The remote didn't work until I paired using the Ch down button on the V6 box etc and hey presto it was working again. 

I hope that's helpful to anyone experiencing similar problems.

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Re: Remote problems resolved

The chances are high that your remote batteries were low on power, which would account for slow responses.

As you had un-paired the V6 remote then it would have been attempting to control the box via IR (infra red) which requires slightly higher power levels than RF (radio frequencies).

RF is by far the best way to control a single V6 box as it does not require line of sight, so boxes will quite happily work even if they are tucked out of sight.

If a remote is sluggish, powering off the V6 box (via the on/off switch at the rear of the unit) waiting 30 seconds and then powering back on should be the first thing to try, as this can resolve the issue.  If not then replacing the batteries with new ones is the next step.

But with batteries you only get what you pay for, cheap batteries will not last as long as good quality ones.

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Re: Remote problems resolved

Hi longitude, 

Thanks for your post and for posting about your experience 🙂 

It's always helpful to have posts such as this in the forums. 

If you have any issues, pop back here and let us know so we can help further. 

Take care,

Forum Team

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