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Recording Hiccups

I settled down to "box set" Taken series 2 but I am unable to watch episode 4 because it is only available on Amazon Prime.

I have checked the recording hiccups but that doesn't go back far enough. when I explore the show it just points me to Prime again from the episodes list

I had set the recording options to include recordings & streaming, record everything & all channels.

I don't understand how, out of 16 episodes, episode 4 is only available on Prime. I know I could do the free trial then cancel, but why should I? is Prime available through my TV? I don't see it in the channel list.

I would really appreciate it if one of the team could explain why this happened. I thought the whole series was being broadcast on Paramount. I have tried to bookmark this episode but it does not go into the not currently available folder in my shows. I have checked the recently deleted section and it is not in there either. 

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Forum Team
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Re: Recording Hiccups

Hi Petersladdie, 

Very sorry for the late reply, we've been looking into this for you. 

We've been advised by the content provider that they had decided not to air that particular episode at this moment in time. 

Sorry for any upset this may cause. 


Emma_C - Forum Team
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