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Really poor HD and 4K quality

we all have the same problem!!! when will virgin sort this garbage out. cant wait for my package to end and just took it out in December, Can we leave early from the contract as the TV is so poor? Surely if id does not meet standards its defective and we should be able to cancel. Free sat is so much better quality so I imagine a Q box is the answer if this isn't sorted

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Re: Really poor HD and 4K quality

No we don't, the quality of my picture is excellent and given the few reports of issues on here I would say that applies to the vast majority.

If you want help try advising what your exact issue is, your setup, the boxes video settings and what you have tried to fix it. I.e. different HDMI cables, engineer visit etc.

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Re: Really poor HD and 4K quality

Hello Neil2080


Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting. We're really eager to help with this but we would need some more information in regards to the problem.


  • Which set top box do you currently have?
  • Do you experience this on any particular channels?
  • Does this happen at particular times of the day?

General advice on troubleshooting TV service issues can be found here  which may help resolve the issue. If you could get back to us with more details we're here to help.



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