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Re: V6 Remote Pairing Problem

The exact same problem with my daughter’s remote. “Another remote is paired to the V6”…..She only has one remote. It’s driving me nuts. Tried all the advice on here and it’s not resolving the issue. She has her box (V6) concealed in a unit but now has to open the unit so she can change channel. Waiting on another remote being sent out to see if that works.

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: V6 Remote Pairing Problem

Hi @Mike2479 

It's possible that it's not a new remote and was originally paired with another set top box and hasn't been reset.

Has she tried resetting the remote as per help/virgin-tv-lost-or-damaged-tv-remote/not-working-v6  ?

It's also possible that if there is more than one V6 in the property that the other remote has paired to this box.


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