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Re: Replacement Virgin Tivo Box v6 following lightning storm

Hi, this appears to have happened to us also. Live in edinburgh and the following day after the lightening our v6 box will not connect to tv. Internet and phone ok. Have wasted hours trying to get through to virgin, then being asked to wait 4 hours for a virtual engineer to contact us - this never happened twice! 

Completed all the troubleshooting they recommended. On second day of finally getting to speak to someone they stated it was our hdmi cable that was faulty. I purchased another....still same. 

Exhausted but spent more time phoning, I think we have finally got them to agree to send replacement box out but has a 5 day delivery time. Fingers xd! I have tried to contact virgin by email and access help pages.....all seem to be having technical issues 🤦🏻‍

Keep at it as time consuming and frustrating as it is. Hope you get sorted. 

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