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Re: Picture distortion when playing back recorder programs on V6 box

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I also have this issue.  Live channels fine,  playback or recorded programs are pixelated and jumping.  Could a technician contact me please?  I’ve tried to report on the phone but apparently I need a memorable word setup and I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a memorable word, which means I can’t get help on the phone! Thank you, Debby


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @D3P 

VM have recently updated My Virgin Media and you should be able to update the memorable word by logging in there. /my-virgin-media 

When logged in click on Account Settings >  Account Details > scroll down to Telephone Security Details  (memorable word) > and then click on Edit

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Thank you for that. The only concern I have is that I have to change my email address to a non virgin email to be able to do this. Is there a way of adding a memorable word without having to create and use a different email?