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Re: Menus work but no picture or sound

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I am having the exact same issue. Menus displaying fine, on demand apps working OK but no picture for live TV. Has this been resolved for others? 


Joining in

Did this ever get resolved? I have the exact same issue as of yesterday with a Samsung frame tv.

No updates have been applied to TV.

HDMI clearly working as menus and startup displayed fine. Also plugged in xbox and firestick using same cable and displays OK.

Tried a different virgin media box and exact same issue. A

Just signed up to a new 18 month contract and resultant to keep it if I can't watch live TV on my primary device.

Advice appreciated.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

This happens when the TV doesn't return the handshake request from the box and copy protection kicks in, try changing ports or check for a firmware update for the TV

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Hi - sorry to hear you’re experiencing the same issue. In my case I eventually came to the conclusion that it was the TV that was the issue. 

Samsung initially denied that this was their fault or problem and said that they couldn’t anything about it (as other devices worked fine on it), but I wouldn’t back down and they eventually agreed to try and fix the problem.


They then sent me a new TV and my Virgin box worked fine on it (the only problem was, the new TV was completely bent) - they then had to send me another new TV and that also worked fine with my Virgin box! - conclusion it’s the TV, and don’t let Samsung tell you otherwise…