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Re: Itvx App Constant Crashing V6 Box

Joining in

Exactly the same issue with both our V6 boxes.  ITVX app works fine direct through our smart TV, but constantly crashes with the above error message when viewed through either V6 box.  Suggests to me the issue is therefore with the App on Virgin specifically.


Tuning in

Interesting! I did contact ITVX who initially responded with a standard response advising me to clear the cache on the V6, clearly they do not understand V6 - even though I stated I had reset/restarted the V6 and unable to just clear the cache. I emailed ITVX again explaining the same and they never responded to me. VM sent me a DM, which I responded to, advising me an engineer would look into the issues - nothing further heard from VM. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Balhata

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post.

I am sorry to hear you're having issues with the ITVX App crashing on your V6.

Are there any other apps where you experience the same issue or is it just this one?

Forum Team

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Hi @Paul8282

I understand you've been speaking to my colleague Reece via PM. I can see he raised this to our second line supports team who usually contact within 72 hours. 

If you want an update, I'd suggest sending a PM to Reece so he can chase this for you if needed.


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Thanks Ayisha, I just thought that someone would have got back to me since discussing the issue with Reece on Monday, 144 hours ago, just either an update, we-re still looking into it, we will complete by xx/xx/xx etc. Didn't realise the emphasis and onus was on me to chase something that I have previously  reported to VM nearly a week ago. 

I can appreciate the frustraiton caused,

However just from checking the prior messages, to avoid confusion as you were in recent contact with Reece via PM, our team will allow responses to occur from there.

Have you responded to the PM with the latest update?