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Re: CS1012 Error message on New V6 box terrible customer service

I am having the exact same issue and experience as you. Received a replacement v6 box as my old one was faulty (loose hdmi connector). Plugged new box in today and was met with same CS1012 error code.

In total, phoned Virgin 5 times. Twice was told system down call later.

Third time transferred to incorrect automated department.

4th time call was answered but agent was not speaking so had to hang up.

5th time was on hold for 20 minutes then call cut out at 9:00 (assume they shut). Basically spent my entire day trying to get someone to fix this issue.

Seems that agents dont actually know what this issue is and kept wanting me to reboot the box despite me doing this about 10 times. Even told the agents to check online on the forums as this error code has become prevalent in the last few weeks but i dont think they really bothered to check, instead they stuck to their scripts of "Let me try sending a manual hit" and "Try turning the wifi off". Pretty annoyed and want to know if anyone else or OP have sorted this issue yet, or how can we sort the issue?

I see someone said the issue can occur if you have been sent a 360 box, well i am not sure if i have been sent that box as the new box did not come supplied with a remote which would have differentiated the boxes for me as physically the boxes look the same?

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Re: CS1012 Error message on New V6 box terrible customer service

If you've just received your box earlier today then it's possible it can't be activated as of yet due to an issue with the activation of new equipment. I haven't heard of an expected fix time however it's affecting new and existing customers so I'd expect it to be resolved sometime tomorrow.

** I work for VirginMedia but all opinions posted here are my own.