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Quickstart kit incomplete.

Hello, i've tried now for 4 weeks to try get the right cable sent out, countless phone calls and hours on hold waiting to get a plug/socket/3pin plug. (that nobody knows what it is apparently). 

I've been sent out a random cable, 2 of the power adaptor boxes when specifically told the second time, it is not the adaptor connection please check previous items that have been posted to my address to ensure i recieve the correct part that i need.

Still send me the wrong part. 

Again, now currently on hold and have been on the phone from 9am this morning.

I'm using my old sky cable to power the TV which nobody seems to understand as my account is 'active' but Sky now want their equipment back which includes all wiring. Again, nobody seems to understand this. 

I booked an engineer call out on line, got a confirmation on the virgin media website saying its been booked and its between 10am-1pm. Rang up to confirm this has been booked this morning - No. it hasnt. 

I'm at my wits end with virgin and its only been 6 weeks. Why is the customer service SO BAD????

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