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Pros and cons of Tivo v V6 box please

Hi all.

I'm having problems with my TIVO box which keeps restarting intermittently.

I spoke to someone in VM Technical Support today who said my TIVO box was quite old and I could have a V6 box.

I don't really want to lose the things I have saved on the TIVO but the fault is becoming a nuisance.

I have read a previous thread re TIVO v V6 but some of it is quite "technical".

Please can someone advise me (in layman's terms) if changing to a V6 box is a good idea.

Thank you.

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Re: Pros and cons of Tivo v V6 box please

The TiVo & V6 run the same software, so there's nothing inherently more complicated about it than the TiVo. And as with any box-swap, losing your recordings is - I'm afraid, par for the course.

The V6 is a much newer box, and is massively quicker than the TiVo in general operation. Being quicker, it can run many more streaming apps.

There's 2 main techie differences. Firstly it doesn't have an inbuilt internet connection like the TiVo - so it relies on a (WiFi or Ethernet cabled) connection to your VM homehub. It's the internet that makes your OnDemand, TV Guide updates and other online functions, work.

It also has 6 recording tuners rather than the TiVo's 3. In other words, it can record/watch 6 channels simultaneously.

If you've been offered a free swap to a V6.... bite VM's hand off

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