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Problem with TV subtitles

Hello 😊

We are finding that we can't always get subtitles when the thing we are watching is supposed to have them and they are "on". If we are watching a series, one episode is missing subtitles, but the other episodes are ok. On a recent instance by fast forwarding the episode, I was able to get the subtitles to come on near the end, but when I went back to the beginning they had disappeared again.. In this instance, the series was "Intergalactic", affecting Ep 1. Most of the affected shows seem to be ones that we have recorded.

This is very frustrating, as the subtitles are important because my wife is hard of hearing and this spoils her viewing. I tried the VM help line who bounced me around a bit, and when I eventually got through to the right place, I was told that it was a broadcaster problem and they couldn't help.

Obviously, Im not paying the broadcaster, so they would be unwilling to deal with it, even if it was their problem (which I doubt). If anyone knows what might be causing this, or can point me to a source of help, I'd be most grateful.  Thank you.


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Re: Problem with TV subtitles

Hi Hercules1946,

Are you watching Galactic in HD or UHD?

I've just tested episode 1 of Intergalactic via Catch up,  the HD version has subtitles, however there aren't any on the UHD version.


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