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Possible frame-rate issue

I just bought  new UHD TV; a Philips 50PUS6703 

Basically, it's like the frame-rate drops to around 50% for a second or more and then returns to normal; completely randomly. But, oddly, it's replicacatable; as in, if I 'skip back' a few seconds it happens again in the same spot. (I don't watch anything "live"; only ever recorded.)

If I force my Tivo to only output HD (ie 1080p) then the problem goes away and the picture is smooth. 

Not sure if this indicates an issue with the output from Tivo @ UHD (or, at least, upscaling to that) or the TV.

Thoughts or comments appreciated.


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Re: Possible frame-rate issue

I had a 49PUS6401 and a V6 and I noticed this a few times. I replaced the Philips TV for other reasons* with a different brand and I can't say I've seen this happen since. 

Don't read too much into this reply though, it's probably just a coincidence.

*Bright spots on the screen caused by LED lens failure.

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