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Playback of recorded content stalls with picture/sound errors


We received a V6 box about a month ago to replace a faulty Tivo, which had worked fine up to that point.

Since receiving the V6 box, and connecting it up, we have had various issues. The main ones are

1. distorted/halting playback of recorded content - the picture freezes for 10-15 seconds, stutters a bit then picks up again but we miss some of the program. We don't have any of these issues when watching live TV, or on apps like iPlayer

2. Every now and then (probably about 6 or 7 times so far since we had it...) the whole box becomes unresponsive and eventually resets and goes back through the first-use steps, with TV speed check etc. We then need to re-sign into Netflix & iPlayer accounts for example. Other stuff is still there though, like existing recorded content and series link.

Any ideas? Is the box likely to be faulty?


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