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Pixelated Playback on recorded and live playback

I have started to get issues when watching recordings on my V6 box that is highly annoying. The playback is jerky and stops/starts/pixelated. This is not on all channels recorded, noticed it recently on BBC/ITV HD channels, The same issue happens if you pause the live broadcast then resume.

I have seen similar posts but with no answers on resolution.


Anyone got any ideas on what to do?

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Re: Pixelated Playback on recorded and live playback

Hi I'm karl a service tech for virginmedia. This problem sounds like a faulty tuner on your v6 box. If live TV isn't pixalating then it's not a problem with the signal or network. I know it's a pain trying to speak to an agent with all this Corona virus going on. But you will need a new v6 it sounds like. For the time being rather than recording try an use the catch up service which you shouldn't have any issues. Hope this helps

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