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Pixcellating picture

I've noticed that occasionally I get pixcellated pictures, or the screen goes black only for a second and then comes back on.  I'm not getting any error codes.  Sometimes when this happens I get 2 arrows on my v6 box? I've also noticed that my internet also goes down atbabout same time, again for a few seconds.  I've checked service checker and nothing in my area, called 150 and it says to do a reboot, but tried that and still happens.  I cat imagine that both internet and TV would go down at the same time unless its the cables coming to my house are down.  But if virgin say no issue I'm not sure what to do? My neighbour has also told me that she cals 150 about issues and is told that a reboot is needed. Please help



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Re: Pixcellating picture

It's possible the internet & TV issues could be related, it's also possible they could be entirely separate. You've posted in the TV with some, so I'll keep the internet side brief, but many people post on here reporting "WiFi issues" without checking whether the broadband connection as a whole is affected - so that's the first thing to check. It may be worth popping a post in the broadband board with some more details.

On the TV pixellation question, the stock answer is that pixellated pictures on live TV are indicative of a signal issue somewhere. One reboot is always a good idea, but if symptoms persist then there's clearly an underlying fault somewhere that VM will need to rectify. But is this occasional? That could make tracking down the cause so much harder than if it's, say, continual or regular.

You've mentioned the 2 arrows on your V6 - this sounds like the "no internet connection" indicator, your V6 connects to the net via your homehub, and if that fails for whatever reason, this is how your V6 notifies you.

At the risk of turning this into a broadband query, I'd recommend - at the very least - setting up a free Broadband Quality Monitor which monitors your connection 24/7 and provides evidence of any underlying issues. Then head over to the broadband board, where the locals will probably get you to pull your modem logs to be checked over.

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