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Picture Distortion/Interference

My TV picture is distorted on all channels. I have checked all connections and changed HDMI lead. I’ve rebooted several times and the hdmi lead and source have been changed. All to no effect

Apps are working fine, but I have the same issue with Catch Up etc

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Re: Picture Distortion/Interference

To reset the V6 box, follow the instructions below and on your screen – it takes around 5 minutes.

Press Home on your V6 Remote
Select Help & Settings
Select Clear or Reset V6 box
Select Restart V6 Box
Follow instructions on screen
If your Virgin TV V6 box isn’t responding to your remote, use the power switch on the back of your Virgin TV V6 box. If this doesn't work, unplug the box from the power supply, wait 20 seconds, and plug it back in.

Still not working? If it feels hot it may have overheated. Make sure there are no other devices on top of your Virgin TV V6 box, turn it off and wait until it feels cool to touch before trying again.
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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