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Ooomph bundle cannot get Virgin TV Ultra HD programs On Demand as it just says Upgrade to watch.

The situation with the Virgin Ultra HD on demand is useless. They know there is a problem but have no fix date the only thing that can be done is to report as a fault and they will give a refund. They should reduce the price of the package for everyone but instead you only get it if you report it. Two hours on the phone awaiting them to answer is a waste of my time, we should be compensated with a reduction when they know they have a problem itts only decent customer service to do that.

Maybe the way we will get the problem sorted is if every Ooomph customer reports the problem and asks for the reduction in the price. Either that or leave Virgin and go to Sky who have a better reputation for customer services. Richard Branson would be horrified, I bet he is glad he sold the majority of this business and only keeps a tiny share in it. 

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