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Ntflix and Prime Not Working

I have the Netflix and Prime options in my box and have logged in and been using the apps. However we are finding that we are having to re-start our box on a regular basis for the apps to work.

The apps will open and I can view the programs, search etc. But when I try to watch programs I get either a message saying that the program is not available (Netflix) or I get a blank screen (Prime).

How can I prevent this happening without having to restart my box regularly?


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Re: Ntflix and Prime Not Working

Hi KKat, thanks for your post.


I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had with the Netflix & Prime apps. I've checked things over from here and wasn't able to detect any obvious issues - however it is highlighted that the equipment hasn't been rebooted for 174 days. Can you please try switching off the hub & box (via the power switches on the back) for a few minutes, and then back on - and let us know if that helps at all?


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Re: Ntflix and Prime Not Working

If you search the forum you'll see this a quite a common problems with various fixes suggested that seem to work for some and not others.

I have two V6 boxes and have had problem on one box once but it does not seem to have re-occurred.

Firstly, I believe this may be related to the connection from the box to the TV.

For me the fix for prime was...

1. Open the prime app and the log out and deregister it from the box.
2. Then change your HDMI video settings to 1080p + 1080 passthrough (if you have a standard HD TV)
3. Then reboot the V6
4. Finally log back into the Prime app and enter the code on the Prime website.

There is a similar process for Netflix but to de-register you have to go to the settings screen on the V6