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Not getting sky sports

I signed up for additional Sky Sports package. Got sent an email with a bill immediately but the channels are still unavailable. Missed two matched now. Phoned 4 times. Been told it would be fixed within 30 minutes - not. Told it would be fixed within an hour - not. Told I would receive a phone in 4 hours - didn't. Got redirected to online. Really disappointing and frustrating service. No idea when the problem will be fixed. Very annoyed you have sent a bill without providing a service or replying to us today. 

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Re: Not getting sky sports

Hi slinwood

It can take as little as a couple of hours, or 24-48 hours for the channels to become available, however you can try the following:-

Ensure your V6 is connected to the Hub by going into Help & Settings > Settings > Network > Connect To The Virgin Media Service.

Make sure the test doesn't fail. After it has completed the test, perform a restart by going Help & Settings > Clear or Restart TiVo Box > Restart. 

** When it reboots go into Help & Settings > Help > TV Care > Missing Channels. Let it perform that for about 15-20min, and then restart your box as described above. 

** You could try this part first, but if it fails, please try all the steps.


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