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Netflix subscription I didn't request is active with another users email address

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My vm email and password was used after a site I used had its data hacked. I have now changed mine but found that netflix subscription was added to my accont. If I go into the app on the v6 it is in some foreign language asking for a PIN. Netflix need email the associated with this netflix user  , which isn't mine. Vm say they can cancel app but netflix will keep billing vm.

Spent last 3 hrs going between netflix and vm.

I see in the T&C's Virgin reserve /the right to refuse payment to Netflix, that would lead to netflix canceling the user.
but how do I get Virgin to do that

How do I stop this.
Presumably Virgin could speak to Netflix giving the invoice details as ID , Netflix could then find the user and delete them.


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This is crazy! it's making me ill............

Netflix:  I can't give them the email to identify the account as it's been changed by someone else who is now watching Netflix for free. I can't give Netflix the transaction details on the bill to VM to identify it either as that isn't on my VM bill.

VM:  They have cancelled the subscription, but Netflix will continue to bill VM and VM will put that on my bill.


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Just tried the VM "reset my Netflix email" link from my Virgin Media login. It takes me to Netflix and says not found.

Going via Netflix app on tivo box I get the PIN screen for the unknown thief who is logged in, so without getting past that I can't click on "get help" to see the email address being used.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi wotsupnow,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community/

Sorry to hear that you've been experiencing issues with removing Netlfix from your account.

So this can be investigated by the neccesary team I've dropped you a PM, the message will appear within the envelope icon.



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It's two weeks now since a reply from PM's. I had an email from VM saying VM had been removed as the payment method for Netflix and I would be getting refunded the two months charges.
This months bill has a third charge and no refund. 
Considering ditching VM altogether, been a customer 20+ yrs