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Need a new remote control or is there a fix?

Hey there!

I got my new V6 box after months of fighting for a new one - took a retentions call for me to get one sent out in the post rather than be invaded while people are shielding!

However ever since I have remote control issues - I had to pair it, this worked for a while! I had to re-pair it - but more recently EVERY time I use my remote the green light comes on for about 15 seconds and I have to wait for this light to go out before the box responds

I’m not also sure the pairing works for long as remote performance is poor via RF and the off course because its not paired I can’t use the find remote feature 

In system info it also states “RF Remote Battery Level: Unknown ” 

To pair I’ve been going to Home >> Help & Settings >> Settings  >> Devices >> Remote Control Pairing and following the instructions which usually means holding the info button until the light flashes green twice.

 Yes I have replaced the batteries!

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Re: Need a new remote control or is there a fix?

Hi joebloggs,

Have you tried the following ?

  1. Hold the TV and Clear buttons together until the light at the top of the remote flashes green twice.

  2. Press the thumbs down button 3 times.

  3. Press OK twice.

  4. The light at the top of the remote will flash green, after 10 seconds the remote will revert to infra red mode.

You'll then need to re-pair with your new box:

  1. Hold the minus button on the front of your V6 box down for 10 seconds.

  2. The white power light on your box will go off as you’re holding the button, once the power light comes back on your box is ready for paring.

  3. Now hold the Info button on your remote down for 7 seconds. The light on the remote should flash green twice.

  4. Confirm the paring by holding the plus button on the front of the V6 box down until the remote starts beeping. The remote and V6 box should now be paired.

If that doesn't work you can order a replacement by logging into My Virgin Media at the top of the page, or by using this direct link  Order new remote 


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