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Re: MPEG2 > MPEG4 picture downgrade

@Roger_Gooner wrote:

There is an issue in that whilst MPEG-2 works well in compressing 720x576, it isn't quite the same with MPEG-4. In fact, my suspicion is that the number of horizontal lines is reduced so that we've got something like 704x576 which leads to bigger images which are cropped, leading to a reduction of about 2.2%. 

There's no reason for that to be the case unless it is a specific issue with Virgin Media. SD MPEG4 broadcasts can be transmitted at 720x576 or 704x576, whichever the broadcaster/provider wants

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Re: MPEG2 > MPEG4 picture downgrade

So according to Mediaboy, TCM+1 is still broadcasting in MPEG2 (for now), and the picture quality looks better on TCM+1!

Don't get me wrong, it's still not great on TCM+1, but +1 channels were usually always worse than the main channels, but in this case I'd rather watch +1!

VM really need to increase the MPEG4 bitrate, even if it's slightly!

If you look at 278 where Good Food was, it cannot even handle a static image of "Food Network" even that one looks animated !

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