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M63 &V210 error

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I am having problems with my Virgin media TV. I get M63 error and when I try catchup or on demand I get a V210 error. When I look at the status in System info , it says Your Media Service account Status 8:Closed call 150. I am on V6 and not 360.

I have been on the phone several times with technical support and they haven't been able to resolve the problem. Now the problem is being upgraded to 3rd line support. I don't have much faith it will be resolved with them either. I tried speaking to a different person about this problem and I was told there has been problems in the area. Once problems are fixed in the area , then it will resolve the M63 problem. I find this is odd because when I have checked the status for my location both broadband and TV come up fine. 

Recently, we had the address updates on the account. Our house number had an 'A' added to it, which prevented us applying VOLT on O2. Once the address was updated, this triggered a new contract sent out to us.

I really think this is what must have caused this problem. I can't say for sure when the error started since I don't use Virgin box to watch TV all the time. I am really annoyed that I can't access Catch Up. 

 I am wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and how was it resolved. 




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@stephjunco wrote:

 I am wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and how was it resolved. 

Everything you've described is an account-related error which will need VM to intervene. If you wait around here for a couple of days, the staff team who respond should pick this up and may be able to assist further.

That said, you've mentioned about support tickets being raised - if so, all the forum team may be able to do is check that support ticket. We'll see.

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Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, the error and problems are still there. 



Hey stephjunco, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community, I am sorry to see you are having some issues with your 360 box.

I am going to send you a PM so we can look into this in more details, please can you look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Hi stephjunco,

Thank you for joining us in a private chat and for clearing security, sorry we weren't able to get your set top box fixed remotely, I have now arranged a technician to get this fixed or replaces, you can view and manage the appointment Via your Online Account, if you do need any further help in the meantime please do not hesitate to reach back out.



Thank you Paul for trying.

We just got an email about a technician appointment but we don't understand why we have to pay £25 for a technician to come to fix a problem that isn't my fault. The customer should not be penalised for faulty equipment.

Is there something you could do about this charge? I have already spent alot of my own time on the phone with your IT department and  with you to fix this problem.

Thank you for your help






I have this exact problem and I was wondering how this issue was resolved for you. Would you be able to provide the solution. 



Hey stephjunco, thanks for your posts and replies on our help forum.

Sorry to hear of the issue with your TV box on demand services not working, how have things been since you last posted here on Monday?
Have you had a technician visit as I see Paul_DN had booked you in for one and did they fix the issue for you yet?

Please, let us know if you're still experiencing issues and where we are with this.
Happy to assist further if you need us.

Forum Team

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I just wanted to give an update on this problem.

I had an engineer visit on Sept 21st. He seemed to know the problem right away. He believes that the problem was caused by a failed update of the box software to TV360. i never tried to download it so I guess it tried to update on its own. He replaced my old box with another one and updated to the software to TV360.  He also gave me the 360 remote which was handy.

I hope this helps anyone that is experiencing this problem. 

I'm so happy to hear that the engineer was able to identify the issue for you @stephjunco and thank you so much for popping back to let us know! 


Now its been a few days since your last post I was just wondering how things were looking? Is the box now fully up and running for you?


Thank you.