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Low sound issue with Samsung and V6 box

Joining in

We have recently bought a new Samsung TV UB8500 and we connected it up to our V6 box. We are struggling with low sound issues the volume on the TV is up to 60+ and we still struggle to hear a good sound. We have contacted virgin who say that all is working fine. The TV sound is perfectly ok when we connect the pc into a hdmi port. Anyone any idea what is going on 


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We have a Samsung smart tv, 3 years old, cant remember the model. 

When using the V6 box for our tv channel feed we often need the volume up to 30 to 32 via the TV remote. But if we're streaming a film direct thru internet from Disney+, for example, not using the V6 box, we only need volume on 12 or 13.

So, imho, it is the V6 box causing the sound issue and not your Samsung tv.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Anliz25 ,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the sound on your new TV. Just to clarify, did you ever have these issues with your old setup? What happens when rebooting the TV box? Is this issue the same on all channels or certain channels?


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We never had any problems with my other TV and it only seemed like it affected the TV programmes. The internet access for the apps etc seems fine. 

Hi Anliz25, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that there is an issue with the sound, does this happen on every box or just the one?

Can you confirm if this is one channel/ programme or multiple?

Kind regards, Chris. 

We have taken the TV back as it seems that there might be an issue with the hdmi ports. Thanks for you input to my issue.

Hi Anliz25,

Thanks for coming back and taking the time to update us. 

We're sorry to hear the HDMI ports were faulty. Hopefully any new device won't carry the same issue. 

If you have any further issues, don't hesitate to pop back to us. We're here to help and support you where we can. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Thank you those who tried to help me much appreciated 

You're welcome @Anliz25 

If you need anything else, let us know 😊

Have a lovely weekend!

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New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

On our wavelength

Hi, It is def the V6 box, the old TiVo box never had these probs as you could alter the box sound levels. I have replaced the 3 HDMI leads, replaced tv due to other problems, and have even had the V6 box replaced and it still the same. My previous Samsung could change the Virgin box tv channels. I have had sound probs, picture problems, buzzing from tv that’s why it was replaced, looks very much like it is the V6 that is is giving everyone so many problems. I am so fed up with it, am the moment the new one has buzzed once, its not so hard to do to put a volume control on the box, when you change to Freeview the sound blasts out, but when it goes through Virgin box the sound has to be at least 30 where as on Freeview it only has to be on about 12. What do we pay our money for, not at all impressed.