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Re: Linking multiple V6 boxes Wirelessly

Hi Bala, 

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting.
I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues with multi room streaming.

I have located your account using your Forum details and it is showing that we sent you an Ethernet cable. I have ordered another one for you and I hope that it arrives this time. If not are you able to get one at all?

I'm not picking anything up with that error code. Can you please check this is the correct code you get on the screen?

It looks like your box is connected on the 2G Network and we would recommend that the V6 that is connected wireless should be connected on the 5G Network for the multi room streaming to work. 

If you log into the hub settings page which is you will be able to rename your network name, If you just add 5G to the end of the end of the network you will be able to see this on your devices.

Once this is done go to the box that is connected wireless and go to Home > Help and Settings > Settings > Network > Change Network Settings > Connect to WiFi > Choose the 5G Network and then do a forced connection by Connecting to the Virgin Media Network Now. Information on this is (here).

Try and watch a recording and see if this works for you.

We would love to hear how you get on with this.
Speak Soon,
Forum Support Team

Forum Team

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Re: Linking multiple V6 boxes Wirelessly


Thank you for making contact.

The eithernet cable arrived yesterday and I fitted it between the Hub and one of the V6 boxes.

I am pleased to say that I am now able to watch recorded material on one - downstairs then go to the other in the bedroom and watch it up there.

Very happy - problem solved

Thank you



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