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Is the tennis on Sky Sports jerky for anyone else?

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I am trying to watch tennis on channel 576. Is it really jerky for anyone else? It is unwatchable. 


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Earlier in the year I set up a thread for problems viewing Wimbledon red button coverage.

I was promised a cable upgrade which was delayed a month, but is due to happen tomorrow. 

Yesterday I updated my package to include the extra tennis channels. Channels 563 565 566 567 569 576 were unwatchable with the feed stopping and starting continuously.

Obviously, I am not happy having paid extra for a full service.

If this is simply a cable issue why are some of the channels working?

Also I messaged someone on here to make sure whoever comes tomorrow actually contacts me before they lay the new cable. The email confirmation I have just received doesn't confirm that. 








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As I have had no reply to the above had no option but to call.

After the usual rigmarole to get through (including pointlessly having to give the password twice) he was unable to assist over the phone. He couldn't book a technician now because I already had an appointment even though that wasn't with a technician. 

I also tried to cancel the service as I didn't want it beyond 30 days. He said he couldn't do it because the upgrade hadn't been updated on the system? He was talking about me calling back in a week? I was told yesterday I could call back the following day. Why can't you just purchase something for 30 days so everything is sorted on the day? This level of customer service is a total nonsense.

I am missing 6 channels out of 16. On that basis I shouldn't be paying anything for the upgrade until the channel issue has been resolved. That's if it ever does get resolved.

It just feels like the customer is talking to an empty room.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Ian,

There is/was an issue affecting both Sky and VM customers with the pop up channels for Sky Sports Tennis (561 to 576) which was escalated and picked up by the Modteam - <<< this thread >>> 

It's too early to say if the issue has been resolved yet as live coverage isn't due to start until 4pm

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Up to speed

Still a problem. Has been like this for nearly 72 hours now. Sky have made no effort to sort it. Ran a check of my TV service on the app and it concedes there is an issue "Our checks have detected an issue with this box: Diagnostic Tool Issues"!!? Of course, it's not just my box. 

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The problem has gone from temporary freezing on 6 channels to pixelating on all 16 channels today. Rather than resolved the problem has therefore got considerably worse. Probably be fixed by the end of the tournament so if that is the case will have paid for an upgrade that delivered nothing. Virgin never offer to pay compensation for anything. 

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Started a separate thread.

Yesterday, it was pausing on 6 channels 563 565 566 567 569 576 - so if you take into account the above it's virtually every channel for someone.

Today it is pixelating on all 16 channels.

I only upgraded for the tennis which is only on for 2 weeks, and already 2 days have been unwatchable. Nobody should be paying for this rubbish.

Despite that we all know Virgin never offers compensation for anything.



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I have the problem on many Sky sports tennis channels.  Pixelating, stuttering - unwatchable. 

Spent an hour over 2 phone calls attempting to explain to VM customer support what the issue is and that it's affecting both V6 boxes.  Couldn't even hear second person as there were about 100 people in the same office.  VM need to get their act together.

Raised yet another complaint and have gone to lie down in a darkened room.

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I'm now finding the jitterbug has gone but each of the individual court channels are suffering constant pixellation. Interestingly the sky sports app on ipad appear to be perfect unfortunately you can only watch these live so if you want to watch recordings you have to put up with the pixellation. It's at least now borderline watchable but sky and virgin need to put their heads together and sort this out. A real step back from the quality of the other grand slams on eurosport discover+ and BBC.

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Yeah terrible quality on most of the extra channels covering the tennis. Every few seconds, the screen glitches and totally ruins the flow of the matches. Anyone know if there is any likelihood of a fix? 

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Shame Amazon Prime didn't want to renew their contracts for tennis broadcasting.  You could watch your selected matches at any time you wished.  Sky is a big downgrade and about 4x the price