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Incorrect TV package seems to have been allocated

Can anybody (perhaps someone from VirginMedia) confirm what the following includes, because on the call with a VirginMedia agent I was told I would be getting Sky Sports, BT Sports, Sky Movies and Sky Box Sets, however neither movies or box set appear to be mentioned on this email confirmation, or in the details of what is included with Maxit TV when I search for information on this.  

Your new package now includes:
TV: Maxit TV - Virgin TV V6 Box. powered by TiVo - Sky Sports Collection
Broadband: M200 Fibre Broadband - 5GB Oomph SIM
Phone: Telephone Line Rental - Talk Weekends
We've removed:
Broadband: Wireless Broadband - M100 Fibre Broadband


UPDATE ON THIS.  Sky Movies is not included.  I've manged to speak to the chap on VirginMedia retentions team, who offered me the deal because they said they could match my SKY deal, and he's confirmed that he mistakenly didn't include Sky Movies.  Also, he can't now add it on at the same price AND CAN'T CANCEL THE CONTRACT WE AGREED ON THE PHONE

NEW QUESTION > Anybody know how you can cancel a contract with Virgin Media, if you've been told the wrong thing on the phone? 

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Re: Incorrect TV package seems to have been allocated

Hi Britas, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community. 

I'm really sorry that there has been an issue with the package we offered and I can assure you it's not the level of service we aim to provide. 

I've had a look from here using the details you've provided when signing up to our community and I can see that since posting you've been able to discuss this with the team. I can only apologise if we were unable to provide the resolution you were looking for. 

If you do need any further help please let us know. 

Emma_C - Forum Team
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