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ITVX does not work on my V6 box

Joining in

ITV Hub updated to ITVX on my V6 box.  It works in that I can search for programs and start them.  The adverts work.

The problem is that after the adverts have played, all I get is a black screen, sometimes with the whirly circle.  I have left it in this state for at least 10 minutes, but nothing changes.  I have paused and restarted but it makes no difference.

It does not matter which program I try to play, new or old, the effects are the same.

So far as I can tell, everything else, such as BBC iPlayer work.  There is no problem with the network connection.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @tvrtuscany thanks for your post here although we're sorry to hear of your concerns here regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, no clarity was provided in this thread as to the resolution (if there even was one) so it's hard to say what fixed this issue.

Does this happen on the exact same show or series for example, or does this occur on anything that you play?

Many thanks


Hi @Tom_W1,

Thanks for getting back to me.  Appreciate your help with this.  This occurs on every ITV-X show that I try to watch and only seems to be ITV-X.  All other apps (such as iPlayer) seem to be fine.

Many thanks,


Hi @tvrtuscany thanks for your reply.

Okay - do you have an ultra high definition TV and if so, can you try to amend the video output as advised at the top of the thread to see if this helps at all?

If not, you may need to fully factory reset the V6 box but this would be a last resort, due to the fact you'd lose all your recordings which obviously we don't want to happen.

Please keep us posted.

Many thanks


Hi @Tom_W1,

Appreciate your quick response.  No, it's just a high definition TV, not ultra high.  I had already tried the suggestions at the top of the thread.  Is 1080p or 1080i recommended?

I just tried it again now and it seemed to be working but as I mentioned in my original post it seems to be intermittent so will sometimes work but most of the time not.

It's a fairly new box.

I'm not watching any ITV-X series at the moment but will try intermittently and respond on this thread.



Hi Trev, thanks a lot for your reply.

Understood. 1080p should work fine here.

It's great to hear that it is now working for you, please keep us updated how things get on for you! Hopefully things remain stable going forwards.
Many thanks