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ITVX Sound not coming through earphone output

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I use Bluetooth headphones to assist with a hearing issue.

On everything else the sound is output through the headphone socket on the back of the V6 box (to which my Bluetooth transmitter is attached) as well as to the tv but not on ITVX. The sound does, however, play through the television as normal it just doesn’t feed through the headphone socket. If I connect my headphones via the socket on the tv that obviously cuts the sound from the television which I don’t want to do.

Any suggestions?


On our wavelength

Hmm. Problem seems to have resolved itself. Perhaps just leaving and re entering the app two or three times did it.

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Very Insightful Person


Thanks for updating your thread with the solution.

I'm sure that will help others too.

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Ah, well, not totally sorted. Went back in tonight to finish watching ep1 of A Spy Among Friends. Sound for the adverts coming through no problem at all but as soon as it switched to the actual prog there was no sound through the headphone socket. Stopping and then going back into the prog brought back the sound. A fix but not exactly satisfactory. I hope some of the tech team monitor this board.

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And, just in case it helps tech people track down the problem….

Next time the adverts came on, once they finished, the sound through the headphone socket disappeared again. It continued through the television in the normal way. This time simply stopping the prog and restarting it didn’t bring back the sound but leaving the app entirely and restarting it did. Most odd, but clearly something isn’t right. As it stands I won’t be using ITVx.