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Heads Up! - pop up I cannot turn off

Dialled in

Intensely irritating sporadic pop-up box offering information about a channel I don't care about, and which I can't turn off.



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What is this popup of which you are unhappy?

Presumably one of the "this channel has moved" which VM would no doubt get criticised for not offering, and which can be removed by pressing the "clear" button your remote.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @omnescient 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back. 

I am very sorry to hear that this pop up has caused distress and thank you to japitts for their help on this so far. 

Can I ask if you have clicked the clear button and has this remove the pop up? 

Clicking the clear button removes the pop up each time it appears. It's the frequency of its appearance that is irritating. I only require one view to assimilate the information offered, and would appreciate some way of dismissing it permanently once I'm aware of the information it supplies.

The pop up is not causing me distress - I believe I said that it is irritating, and that relates to the fact that it is no longer a 'Heads Up' after the initial appearance, and therefore redundant.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I find switching to the channel (even if it's just for one second) stops any further pop ups for that channel recurring.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Thanks for the advice newapollo; however, I've tried that strategy more than once for two of the three channel change pop ups, and it hasn't worked for me.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply omnescient. 

We currently do not have an option to disabe the pop up notifications on the box but will ensure your feedback is passed on to the relevant teams for review.