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Has people still been getting reaccuring charges for deactivated & deleted Netflix accounts

Hi there I have done a wrong thing I reactivated my Netflix account through the Virgin V6 Tivo box in my room & billed it through Virgin without my mums consent as she is the account holder now after I did it I knew I shouldnt have done it in the first place so I canceled the Sub imediatly. I then have been reading of reports on this forum that Virgin has still been charging customers even if they no longer have netflix subs. So what I did hopefully to try & stop the reacurring charge if there is one I deleted my netflix account as well so I no longer have either can someone who has done what I have just done confirm if they are still getting reaccuring charges for netflix I have to admit the first payment has not been made yet I canceled my sub & deleted my account through netflix through their live chat. As I am feeling really guilty for doing it. 

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