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Green Screen of Death

My V6 is pretty much dead.  All signs point to HD failure but 'faults' won't send me a new box without it being accompanied by an engineer.

General consensus seems to be that a new V6 box is needed... so why do I need an engineer to visit?

If I swap it out and it still doesn't work then at that point an engineer may be necessary so why not just send a replacement box first and save everyone's time and trouble.

Makes absolutely no sense. 

Is there any department of VM that can cut through all the BS and just send me a replacement V6 box without an engineer visit?

This is my V6's current epitaph... 


If this is fixable then I'm all ears...

...but if it's not... can I just get a new V6 sent out please? (minus the engineer).



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Re: Green Screen of Death

Hi @PeteJD,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm very sorry to hear/see that you're having some problems with your TV service recently. Did you contact and speak with the team about this as it states on the screen? If so, and they've advised that an engineer visit would be needed, then this will indeed be the case.


Zach - Forum Team

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