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Getting Through to Virgin Help..At All!!!

Joining in

This is the short version.  Just because Virgin's obstructive and impenetrable 'help' systems have almost driven me to suicide, doesn't mean all readers hjave to suffer the same.

My V6 box remote started failing a couple of weeks ago. I spent ages getting into online TVhelp and navigating through to establish that I'm entitled to a free replacement. Set about ordering it but got an error message and instruction to 'Restart Order'. After a few hours of that Pantomime I gave up. Tried again next day. Same thing.

Put in a formal complaint on 3rd August. Got an acknowledgement.  Nothing since.

Spent ALL today chasing around Virgin 'chatbots' etc. At one point found something which said 'There is a charge for a new remote'. I've got news for Virgin. I'M not paying for a replacement for their faulty kit. £90+p.m. for hundreds of (mostly) rubbish channels and average Broadband..they supply a new remote F.O.C. or I change supplier.

Eventually today I got to speak to a young lady who insisted she could do nothing without my'Telephony Security Code'. I don't know it and have never used it because I've never previously managed to speak to a human being at Virgin.  Tried to reset the damned code only to find I also have to reset to a different email.. (anything to do with Virgin's famous Data Breach?) So had to set up another email in order to access more Virgin Hoops to jump through.I have wasted 8 HOURS of my life on this comedy and that's only today.

Feedback?  They have the cheek to ask for FEEDBACK!!!???

Anybody know how I get to speak to a Grown Up at Virgin and actually get some help?


Knows their stuff

I had the same issue trying to order a remote - went through the Qs etc, got to the end where it said it would be free, only at the end to be told it failed and to redo the order. This time it said there is a £9.99 (iirc) charge as I had another remote in the last 6 months. What happened is that the 1st order did go through although they said it hadn't and they sent me 2. However I did eventually get to speak to a person (I think it was the online chat after the bot couldn't understand me) who tried telling me the same - I'd had a remote so had to pay until I went through what had happened. She asked me what I wanted to do and I said well I don't want to pay for the remote when it was your systems error, so she refunded what they charged. You may be sorted out on here by a Virgin employee if you are prepared to wait a couple of days or so.

I have heard that if when on the phone you ignore all the 'press 1' etc, that you do eventually get through to a human.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @DJ360 


Thanks for posting on our community forum and so sorry to hear about the issue with your remote 


I am going to drop you a private message now to collect some more information and investigate further, keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.



Forum Team

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