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Fly Lead to V6 Box

I'm experiencing TV interference on certain channels (FOX, E4 etc.) and noticed it more when I move the fly lead at the back of the V6 box (the lead that converts f plug to male coax plug).

I can easily purchase a new one but they all seem cheap and made from RG59 cable... is that going to be suitable? I can't find any good quality RG6 fly leads 😞 Please could someone advise?


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Re: Fly Lead to V6 Box

Yes we can advise. Do not tamper, interfere or replace the coaxial cable. It is not your property. That cable is part of VM's network and only they should replace it. The terms and conditions make it clear that you must not interfere with the cable. The risk is that unauthorised replacement of the cable with introduce noise into the network and affect the service of others on your network segment. VM can track down the noise and they reserve the right to l charge you to put it right and charge you for the cost of compensating their customers for the degradation of service you might cause. 

VM's coax is specially shielded and not available to purchase.

What you have is a TV fault. VM will put that right for you and make any necessary replacements. Go ahead and report the fault on 150/0345 454 1111. That is the major advantage of being with VM. They take all the responsibility for putting things right for free. It is not your job to do, no matter how well intentioned you might be. 


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