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Extra V6 Box

I am a long time subscriber, going back to Telewest days.

I have always updated my subscription as and when I can to make sure that I am getting the best service/value possible from my account.

After updating to V6 on its release, I ran it (hardwired connected) in tandem with my existing TIVO box. Then VM came out with the offer of 2 x V6 boxes available, I rang Customer Services to enquire about this and was told that this offer was only available to new Customers. I accepted this answer and continued with my TV service.

I visited my sister and brother in law the other day and last week they were enquiring about upgrading from their TIVO box to V6. They were offered 2 x V6 boxes on the spot.

Where is the consistency?  or am I missing a trick here??

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Re: Extra V6 Box

Call VM, navigate to the "Thinking of leaving" option and express your dissatisfaction with this situation. You may be offered a deal but it could be a new contract.

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