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Extra Room Connection

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I want to move my tv into another room in the house that has previously had a virginmedia connection. The cable is still in place in the room but when I have checked in the box outside the property the engineer has cut off the connector. There is enough lead for a new connector to be fitted. In the external box there is a 3 way splitter. Two of the connections feed different rooms in my house but the 3 connection runs to the neighbours external box. 

A couple of questions here. Why would my neighbour need to link his external box to my external box when his box has a main cable going in from the street like my box. Can I just disconnect that cable and use the 3rd connection for my own service.

Secondly, can I fit an external F type connector myself onto the line that has had the connector removed. Why do virginmedia engineers even do that. It just means that most people would then have to get a techincian call out just to put a connector that they have removed back onto a line. I don't see the sense in it.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Firstly, do not mess with any of Virgin’s network cabling. This forms part of a shared network & any alterations you make could affect other customers connections through RF ingress from the shared radio spectrum that VM uses (Broadcast TV, Radio & mobile phones using the same frequencies). The neighbour’s connection may have been set up as a temporary measure while another cabinet drop was pulled. Cutting off the disused arm would probably have saved them time having to rebalance your signal levels.

VM will charge you £25 for any alterations, but the costs to you would be considerably higher if you are found to be the cause of interference on their network.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Davidaloud 👋🏼.


Thank you for posting and welcoming you onto our community forum 😊.


We can move the line for you but there will be a charge of £25. 


Please let us know what you would like as we want to help. 


Thank you. 

Ari - Forum Team

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