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Eroor Code 669 with all On Demand Movies

Joining in

Been having the same issue for years with all Sky Movies On Demand. Can't watch any of them.

It brings up all the details, but every time we push play it says the service is temporarily unavailable and throws up Error Code 669.

Happens on both V6 boxes, and both V6 boxes are connected wirelessly to the Superhub 4.

We're running in bridge mode with a Google Mesh Router (1.2GB Broadband)

TV's are both 4K with high speed HDMI and SONOS soundbar.

It says signal strength for one box is 'excellent @100%'

We tried contacting customer services last year and they couldn't find an issue - over the phone.

We gave up!

Was wondering whether it's just a download issue over wifi for the V6 Box - struggling to secure a large stream perhaps.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Can you view non-Sky Cinema OnDemand programmes?

You mention you've had this problem "for years", but it's your first time posting about it.

I doubt wireless has anything to do with this, but elimination would be a good test - are you able to connect either V6 using Ethernet?

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Yes, it seems to be affecting all on-demand services, not just SKY Premier.

The ethernet (hard wiring) hasn't made a difference either, still comes up with the same "Temporarily Unavailable" 669

My wife tried calling VM last year but got nowhere. They couldn't find an issue so we gave up.

We mainly use VM for live TV, Sport, F1 etc, so it doesn't pose a huge issue for us, we have Netflix, Apple, NOW etc for all our streaming.

But it should work nonetheless and now that Christmas is upon us the kids are complaining.

Hi there @leMan


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 


I'm so sorry to hear that you have faced this issue for so long with your on demand services! This isn't at all what we would want for you as a customer and we would like to do all we can to help. 


I know you have mentioned both these TV's are 4K, can I ask if the TV's support HDCP 2.2 input? 


Thank you.

Hi, I presume they do.

I cycled through all of the outputs under ‘Display’ on the V6 box and all were compatible - it defaults to 2160p

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi LeMan, thanks for the reply. 

Can you please confirm how your box is connected to the Hub? Is this wired or wireless?

Can you please confirm if you have more than one box in your home and if so, does this happen across all of them?

Kind regards, Chris. 

Hi Chris

its a wired connection.

Box says the signal is excellent @100%, although not sure if that relates to Ethernet or coaxial.

And yes, it happens across both boxes in the house. One wired and one wireless.

Both are plugged into newish top end Samsung LED TVs with good HDMI leads. Both TVs were purchased in 2019.

if I do a reset on the box it works for a while, so I know cabling can’t be the issue.

Same issue I’ve read about on here numerous times.

Thanks for coming back to us @leMan, can you confirm if you can see the Home Menu on your screen at all?

I do believe that an outage has been flagged in your local area, that was opened on 14/12/22 that will effect the ability to utilise Catch Up/On Demand services currently.

Kindest regards,


The front TV has started streaming OK, the bigger and better TV still throws up error 669.

Both V6 boxes are connected to their respected TV's with exactly the same HDMI cables as we put them both in at the same time.

The front V6 Box is far closer to the VM wall box than the second TV (3ft vs 30ft)

But the second TV is closer to the hub.

Connection wise i've tried wireless and wired but it's made no difference.


FYI - the issue has been happening for years so I doubt that recent flag will be related.

Thanks @leMan, is it possible to switch the boxes over to see if the fault follows the set top box, or if it stays with the connection point?

Kindest regards,