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EPG no longer shows grey/red ® recording symbol against programmes

Dialled in

This Thursday, 30/11/2023, our V6 box programme guide suffered a total outage, showing no programme information on every channel. The channels were working, just no info. At the same time there were a couple of issues showing for TV faults on the service status page as being worked on, and the EPG returned early in the evening.

Everything is now working as it should, apart from one thing thats really kinda minor but really irriatating now that it doesn't appear anymore. The little R in a circle ® that used to appear in the EPG on the left of a programme title, either grey for planned recordings or red for active recordings no longer appears.

Live shows that are recording do show up in 'My Shows' with a red R symbol and future recordings do show up in 'Planned Recordings', but it does mean I have to now go into either of those options to check that any recording requests have actually been logged and actioned.

Any thoughts? Could it be a software bug/fault, box fault, network problem?



Dialled in

Ah ha, sorted out with the old favourite - a box reboot😀

Glad to hear this has been resolved for you AndrewFisher, anymore issues or any advice / help you need you know where to find us 🙂 

Matt - Forum Team

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