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Dolby Digital Inconsistent Sound

Joining in


I have a V6 box connected to the 4K HDMI port on my Sony KD-55A1 TV, so I can get 4K content displayed correctly as my Receiver doesn't do 4K passthru. I then have a HDMI connection from the ARC port on my TV to the ARC port on my Yamaha RX-v673 Receiver. 

Watching Netflix or Amazon Prime I get Dolby Digital+ displayed on my Receiver (but not Disney+ but that's a different issue). But when watching TV I get inconsistent Dolby Digital output. 

For example if I watch BBC1, BBC2 or Channel 5 my TV displays a Dolby Digital source and my Receiver displays Dolby Digital output. All good.

But if I watch Channel 4 I get Dolby Digital on the TV and PCM on my Receiver. 

Or TNT Sports Ultimate (531) I get Dolby Digital Plus and PCM on my Receiver. 

Why is this not matching?