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Dolby ATMOS Strange noise

I can’t hear this but my wife and son complain there is a sound “like a helicopter” during a broadcast on BT 4K UHD that contains Dolby ATMOS.

Complaints were during Cardiff v Bournemouth on 02/02 and Brighton v Burnley on 09/02

Will see what Champions League games do this week.

My amp recognises there is ATMOS in the broadcast and tells me it’s getting 7.1.2

They do not hear this noise when we watch a movie via the Blu-ray player encoded with ATMOS.

V6 going directly into amp (Onlyo RZ730) via HDMI.

Anyone else hearing this?

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Re: Dolby ATMOS Strange noise

Hi GarethF, 

Sorry that there seems to be a helicopter sound during some TV broadcasts, so do you think this is coming from your V6 box? 

Has this still been on going since your post?

If so then did you know you can text our cable specialists on 07533051809 we’ll be able to get this sorted out for you. Texts are free for Virgin Media customers, and we’re open 8am-7pm Monday - Friday.

Let us know. 


Emma_C - Forum Team