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Disconnection & returns

Hi, my contract has ended and after 20+ years a customer the best deal VM could offer me to stay was more money for less than I have now. Outcome of which is that I have today cancelled and moving over to sky with more for less. (except internet speed).....But on my call with retentions I was told they will send me a package to return the internet hub and that was all they wanted back. What I'd like to know is if? that is the case, what do I do with the tv box? Should I just dump it or is there a market or place for them to be recycled?

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Re: Disconnection & returns

Hi CHRIS210,

This link confirms the equipment VM want returning return-or-recycle-equipment   along with a link to this page  which has a postcode search for nearby recycling places.


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Re: Disconnection & returns

what box do you have. VM only want V6 boxes back. anything other then that take to a WEEE approved recycling center