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Constant error N17

I feel like pulling my hair out! 😂 My virgin media box does this thing every now and again where it disconnects from the internet and just flashes green. I have tried turning it off and on again, rebooting it, turning the thing by the black cable off and on. I have read to disconnect the ethernet cable, but that boy is stuck, I can't even take it out. At first the error was C133?? and now it is just N17.

In network settings, it says:

Preparing: (finished)

Connecting: (failed whilst negotiating)

In status:

Link status: connected

Network connection:

Last status: failed.

Network cable unplugged. What cable? By the looks of it, all are firmly stuck in place and I have pressed each one to see if any were accidentally loose. Some please help ❤️

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Re: Constant error N17

So your box is reporting no internet connection. I'm not sure what "the black cable" is that you're referring to - the only "standard" thing is that the short flylead connecting the V6 to the coax, is white.

The V6 has 2 connections. The white coax carries your TV signals, and the connection to your homehub provides the internet (OnDemand, streaming, TV Guide updates). This connection can be by WiFi or Ethernet cable, but if an Ethernet cable is connected then WiFi is disabled. This connection is evidently not working in your case.

When you say "that boy is stuck, I can't even take it out", do you mean the Ethernet cable is wedged half in? I can't imagine it's too easy to get an Ethernet cable physically stuck half in half out.. but I'll wager that if the V6 sees it connected that could be what's causing your issues - and the only fix will be to either get it connected (and thus working) or out (and thus enable WiFi)

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