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Connect to Virgin with Samsung TV !

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So, apparently upgraded to all singing and dancing package at £99pm .....but still have no access to Virgin TV! on Samsung....Virgin box is on apparently but can't see any virgin icon to click on. Any help please to reconnect/find the icon to re-start. Am paying for nothing otherwise!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You'll only see a Virgin TV icon on your Samsung TV if you've completed the input setup that may be offered by the TV itself.

Otherwise you'll need to select the input option from the TV menu using the TV remote, and pick the HDMI socket number you've connected the Virgin TV box to.

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I have run into a similar problem today, and I was wondering if anyone might be able to asset?

My parents have bought a new Samsung TV (Samsung 43 inch qn90b neo qled 4k smart tv (2022)).  I've just gone through the setup process and most of that was straight forward/worked.  Where it seemed to fall over was it connecting to the Virgin Media box.

It couldn't do this automatically, and offered a "manual" option.  This involved specifying the manufacturer of the box, which, having looked on the label on the back indicated "Cisco", there was also a model number which I entered.  Having done this it gave a short list of models to select from, our Virgin Media box was there, so I selected it.

After this you are prompted to use the remote control to change the channel up/down.  There's a small preview of the currently selected channel, it asked you whether to picture changed etc when you pressed it.  It doesn't change the picture.  There as some mention about checking whether the cable box could be used with a universal remote control.  At this point, it was all getting a bit out of control and progress wasn't being made.

I was able to skip passed this section, and, as Ben mentions above, we can get to the Virgin Media box/content by using the Source button and then selecting HDMI 1, but obviously this isn't ideal.  The tv defaults to showing a menu with all of the apps across it, so it would be useful to get Virgin Media on that list which I think, as Ben suggests above, would happen automatically if we could complete the setup.

It feels like the only hurdle here may be the Samsung remote control not being recognised by the Virgin Media box.

I would really appreciat any help/support/suggestions anyone could offer.

Thank you in advance for your time and considerations.

Kind regards,


PS: Note sure if it helps, but the label on the back of the Virgin Media box has this information:

Model: CT8685
Assembly P/N: 4038000
Rev. 8.2
Data Manufactured: 03062011

There are spme other serial numbers and stuff too if useful.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @RobMeade 

You've posted in the V6 forum, however looking at the details you gave it looks like your parents have the older tivo box.  It probably looks like the one shown on the right hand side on <<< this page >>> 

If it is the older tivo box then I'm sure if the samsung TV can pair with it to show the VM icon and use the samsung remote. The following thread might be useful Forum-Archive/smart-TV-Virgin-icon/ 

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Hi Dave, 

Thank you for your reply and my apologies for posting in the wrong part of the forum.  I'm not very clued up on the differences between all the boxes, but thank you for that link, and yes, it is the TiVo box based on the pictures (the one on the right).

Did you mean you're not sure if it can pair with it etc?

I'll also check out the link you provided, thank you 🙂